Layered Summer Squash Quiche

Layered Summer Squash Quiche

Again with the summer squash. I never knew it was possible to eat so much zucchini, and still enjoy it. Thanks to one impulse purchase at the greenmarket plus three generous weeks with the Park Slope CSA, I can’t seem to eat the stuff fast enough. Quiches and stews or sautes seem to be my go to for using veggies fast. A combination of veggies and greens cooked down for maximum taste and nutrition. But with so much squash, I decided it was time to take on a single flavor CSA dish.

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Cool Yogurt Salad

Yogurt Salad

A few years ago, tzatziki was all I could think about. These days I’ve moved on to yogurt salad. The influx of Mediterranean and middle eastern restaurants in Bay Ridge has certainly contributed to the habit. Finding a lack of “tzatziki” listed on the menu I was driven to enjoy my pita with other yogurt dips like haydari and yogurt salad. In honestly, I think haydari might be my new favorite, but I haven’t yet perfected the home recipe. In the meantime, yogurt salad is a perfectly satisfying replacement.

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Chilly Summer Green Soup

Chilly Summer Green Soup

The last few weeks I’ve been inundated with summer squash. I made the mistake of picking some up at the Greenmarket a few weeks back, knowing I had a CSA share to pick up just a few days later. It just looked so good. I grilled some and figured I’d go though the rest in no time. Apparently not. Thanks to some schedule swapping to accommodate our trip later in the fall, I just picked up 3 straight weeks of CSA shares, all chock full of squash. I love the stuff but this is getting a bit absurd. Over the past few weeks I’ve gotten pretty creative, as you’ll see in some upcoming posts.

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Blueberry Syrups and Artisan Soda

Makings of Blueberry Sage Syrup

Makings of Blueberry Sage Syrup

I remember as a kid spending a lot of time in Sandwich, Massachusetts, just on the edge of the Cape. We’d camp–and when I say camp, I mean stay log cabins with electricity, sometimes roughing it with the fully functioning shared bathroom a few yards outside the door–swim, hike and play mini golf. But my favorite activity (mini golf was a very close second) was blueberry picking. We’d head up in late summer when the berries were perfectly ripe.

The goal of our blueberry picking adventures was to harvest enough berries for pancakes the next morning and snacking for most of the week. My brother and I (we were probably about 7 and 2 around that time) were fitted with the farm’s ingenious blueberry pickers–a half-gallon milk jug with the top cut off for easy filling capacity and a string attached to the jug’s handle that would go around our neck like a necklace, leaving two hands free for efficient pickling.

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SRC: Steamed Mussels in White Wine Cream

Mussels White Wine Cream

For years people have been trying to convince me how easy mussels are to make. Add a bit of wine or broth, bring it to a boil, add the mussels and steam. So why have I not taken them up on such simple advice? Well, one reason is because I don’t like mussels. *Gasp!* No, please don’t run away! I’m still game for trying almost any other food. It’s just shellfish. Mainly things you have to eat out of the shell, like oysters, clams and yes, mussels. It’s a texture thing.

I keep saying I’m going to make mussels for my husband–he loves them, but never really worked off the energy. It’s challenging enough to make one dinner, but two separate ones? Ugh. But when I got assigned Cinnamon Freud’s blog this month through the Secret Recipe Club and saw Karen’s Mussels in White Wine Sauce, I figured I had to just go for it.

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