Recipe for a Brooklyn Locavore

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I’m quiet and tend to be a bit awkward. I prefer small groups of close friends to large gatherings, listening to someone else’s story rather than having the spotlight on me. Our wedding day was a bit overwhelming for me because there was really no way to escape being the center of attention. I think it was the white dress that gave it away. It’s not that I’m closed off, I just don’t always volunteer details. I open up to people through food. I share my soul. A basket of fresh-baked muffins can express “I’m sorry” more than any combination of words I could string together. I’d rather eat in than go out for holidays. I spend hours cooking for the ones I love, especially my husband, hoping that the meaning of my intricate meal is clear. I’d rather share ingredients than emotions.

Writing recipes for food is easy. Through some ingredients together and hope they work out. Add a bit more of this, remember to cut down a little of that next time. It might take a few tries, but generally you achieve a flavor combination you’re happy with. But writing a recipe for a person is so much more challenging. There are levels upon levels of flavor and depth. Sometimes you reach combinations and traits impossible to even articulate.

I’ve had fun over the last few months participating in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges. Daily Post also has a Weekly Writing Challenge that encourages bloggers to push their writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects and writing styles. I’ve stalked the topics for a while now, but nothing really felt write. That is, until this week’s prompt: A Pinch of You. The idea is write a recipe for you. Be vulnerable and allow readers to really understand who you are. I’ve written dozens of recipes, many with their own tale, giving you a snippet into my world, but never something so direct as who I am. As I recipe developer, I feel accepting the challenge is necessary. So here I am, Brooklyn Locavore on a plate.

Recipe for a Brooklyn Locavore

  • 12 oz adventure, picked over to remove traces of regret
  • 1 bouquet local daisies
  • 1 Top Chef marathon, finely diced (substitute Project Runway if necessary)
  • 2 c Ska (Catch 22, Reel Big Fish or Less than Jake preferred)
  • 1 tsp Pop music, for balance
  • 1 c diced sarcasm (may cause eyes to burn)
  • 2 tbsp sunburn or mosquito bites
  • 2 pt foraged wild berries
  • 1/2 c cuddle or hugs
  • Pinch each of honesty, love, creativity and foot-in-mouth
  • 3 trips to Greenmarket plus 1 Coop shift
  • 1 bottle Long Island wine
  • 2 oz cheese (unpasteurized)
  • Splash of romantic comedy, complete with unnecessary tears
  • 1 cup each Schuylkill and East River water (remember this is figurative!)
  • 3 free range naps, minimum 2 hours each
  • 1 qt travel, international if possible

Combine all ingredients in the bowl of a standing mixer, careful to remove any traces of free time. Make sure not to over beat or passive aggressiveness might set in. Pour into cupcake tins, lined with green polka dot liners. Bake and serve at a perfect 75°F with zero humidity. Enjoyment with the company of loved ones and a puppy is optional but preferable.

10 thoughts on “Recipe for a Brooklyn Locavore

    • Haha, I still don’t have a dog of my own (apartment building restrictions) but very soon! For now, I just borrow them from friends or walk dogs at the shelter.

    • Haha, my husband’s reaction was “oh good I can make more of you”. It didn’t go over well. He should be lucky enough to just have one me!

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    • We had an afternoon tea event the next day for the extended family, no way was I dealing with all those people 🙂

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