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My name is Melissa. By day I’m a marketing professional, by night (weekend and any moment I have free) I’m a food blogger, recipe developer and advocate of the local food movement. Originally from New Jersey, I spent some time in Philadelphia and now call Brooklyn my home.  I live with my husband, Sean, and our turtle, Pokey, in a modest two bedroom apartment right over the subway.

My life revolves around food—where it came from, who grew/made it, and how I can further elevate its simple beauty into outstanding dishes. I will always choose local over organic. To me, organic is a gimmick. Who really knows what goes on at that far away factory California farm that churns out organic strawberries. I prefer shopping at the New York City Greenmarkets, talking with the farmers and really getting to know where and how my food is grown. A locavore diet includes food AND drink. We get out to the North Fork of Long Island as often as possible and try to make annual (or at least bi-annual) visits to the Hudson Valley and Finger Lakes to fill our wine cellar (read: small Brooklyn sloset). At our wedding a few years ago, even though it was in New Jersey, we served only NY State wine and beer to add our locavore stamp.

I’m a member of the Park Slope Food Coop and a founding member of the emerging Bay Ridge Food Co-op. Currently I’m searching for a way to merge professional me with foodie me.

Meet the Professional Me.

Talk to Foodie Me.

33 thoughts on “The Subject

  1. Melissa ,, I live across the street from your Mother in law in Ramsey.
    She spoke very highly of your blog and I from what I have seen from it, its fantastic. Lots of great content.

    My cousin Rachel owns a bakery called the Blue Stove located in Williamsburgh 415 Graham Avenue, Brookyn, NY she makes her own baked goods from scratch using the oven from her grandmother ! She appeared on the Food Network a few times already .. her stuff is simply amazing , the place has an incredible vibe. I think its totally up your alley and worth exploring.

    Looking forward to following your blog. You are so lucky to live in Brooklyn, I lived in Carroll Gardens for 1 year and I still miss it dearly.

    • What a small world! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I’m actually going to be in Williamsburg tomorrow, but not sure I’ll have time to stop by your cousin’s shop. But it’s on my list to visit–it sounds fantastic!

      It’s funny, I always thought I’d bounce around between different cities before I “settled down”, but once we moved to Brooklyn, I just can’t imagine living anywhere else. Maybe other neighborhoods…Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill are pretty high up on the list.

  2. Hi Melissa: Just wanted to tell that I love your blog. I too will be hosting a dinner party for eight this Saturday and will be making and serving almost your exact menu. Unfortunately, I am not a great baker, so the cupcakes will be substituted with something else, perhaps a crumble or cobbler. If you happen to have any recipes for that I would love to see them — perhaps something fall-like as it’s expected to be a cool weekend. Thanks, W.

    • I would stick with maybe a dutch apple pie or maybe go crazy and sub the apples for pears. I haven’t done much fall baking yet, but hope to do more over the coming weeks.

  3. Hey Melissa

    Just wanted to drop a line and say we like your blog a lot. We are farmers who love all the different things you can do with food and its such an important asset to our food culture when people really put that out there. check us out at and if you have friends who are interested in joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) feel free to send them our way we need as much support as we can this year, and are looking for brooklyn members.

    peace love and good eaten

    Dan and Tess

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Your CSA looks pretty cool and conveniently located close by 🙂 I’ll be sure to mention it to others! I’m hesitent to join a CSA again only because I find even the half share ends up being too big for my husband and I, but if I do, you’re top of the list!

  4. Hi Melissa!
    I nominated your blog for a few awards. (I see your popular with the awards recently!) Check it out here:
    You don’t have to do anything if you choose, but sit back and bask in the glory, but if you like, you can write a post that links back to mine: and post the ‘badges’ — either in a post or in your sidebar. And nominate a few blogs you like too!

    I really enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know!

    • Thanks so much for the nomination and congrats on your award! I would love to accept it. It might take me a few weeks to get through the nomination process, but will do! Thanks again!

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