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Locavore Challenge #28: Sip on Local Beer, Wine, Spirits or Juices

Yeah, this one’s pretty easy. Beer gets a bit more difficult with so many fantastic microbreweries all across the country. But, wine, I got that one covered. Practically the only wine we have (unless presented as a gift) is from New York. Earlier this month I pointed out my favorite Long Island wineries. Unfortunately I haven’t had time recently to go to the Finger Lakes or Hudson Valley. Both are a bit of a trek (5 and 2 hours respectively) but even worse, pretty difficult to get to without a car.

There used to be a wine bar in Manhattan, Vintage New York. Not only was the place right around the corner from my office and had happy hour specials, but it served only New York wines (and some pretty tasty food!). I was amazed to find their prices were similar to what I was used to seeing at the vineyards themselves, so no crazy “travel to NYC” surcharges. Sadly that place is gone. I heard rumors of financial struggles, owner disagreements,who knows what really happened. All I know is I was walking by one day and it was gone. And I mean gone, gone. The corner building had been knocked down as well. A very sad day for me. That is until a few years ago I discovered Brooklyn Oenology that not only sells only NY wines, spirits and beers, but makes their own wine as well!

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Get Local, Local Food

First Brooklyn Flea, then Smorgasburg

I raved about Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg a few weeks ago and encouraged you to visit Smorgasburg as well, even though I had yet to go. Well I’ve gone, and it wasn’t quite what I expected–it was so much more. 40 plus food stands. That’s right more than FORTY! I have to admit, as exciting as it was, I was a bit overwhelmed.

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Get Local, Local Food

Locavore Challenge #12: Enjoy Locally Crafted Chocolate

Don’t mind if I do! A few weeks ago I spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg, hanging out at Brooklyn Flea, sipping wine at Brooklyn Oenology and inhaling the intoxicating scents of cocoa at Mast Brothers Chocolate.

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Get Local, Local Food

Brooklyn Flea: Go for the Food, Stay for the Food

Brooklyn Flea started out as an average flea market in Forte Green/Clinton Hill. It had vintage wares and clothing, some local artist work and a few food vendors. That was a few years ago. Now, the place has exploded to multiple locations and because a foodie haven. I’ve visited the original Brooklyn Flea a few times and it’s winter location at 1 Hanson Place in Downtown Brooklyn, but last weekend I headed to Williamsburg, one of their newer locations. Some of the best food we’ve seen at Brooklyn Flea! We probably should have fasted for a week before going.

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Get Local, Local Drink

Brooklyn Locavore Approved: Brooklyn Winery

If you didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE wine fan, especially local wine. Well, you can’t really get more local than Brooklyn wine can you? Last night I had the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Winery in Williamburg, sample some of their wine and take a tour. A must do for any Brooklyn tourist OR local!

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