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Apple Pancakes with Cider Sauce

Sandy might have left New York City, but it left plenty for us to remember. My husband and I were extremely lucky. We never lost power. Bay Ridge sustained minimal damage, at least where we are, away from the shore. Once the winds die down and its been deemed safe, I’m anxious to explore the waterfront. I saw plenty of photos from yesterday morning, when things were still fairly calm, and our pier and promenade were already underwater. I can only imagine it got worse. But the city is hurting. Our transit system is still down, many homes and offices still without power until who knows when. It will take a while for NYC to feel whole again.

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October Unprocessed: Applesauce

So I might have lied about making one new homemade food that people generally buy to celebrate October Unprocessed. I’ve made applesauce before. In fact, I’ve made it a lot, for the past three years, at least a dozen quarts a year. And here I am, making it again. Even though it’s not new to me, I figured it might be new to some people. When I said boozy cranberries was the perfect canning starter recipe, I was wrong. Applesauce is the absolute easiest thing to make. So little effort and so good. I swear once you make your own applesauce, you’ll never go back.

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