Cool Yogurt Salad

Yogurt Salad

A few years ago, tzatziki was all I could think about. These days I’ve moved on to yogurt salad. The influx of Mediterranean and middle eastern restaurants in Bay Ridge has certainly contributed to the habit. Finding a lack of “tzatziki” listed on the menu I was driven to enjoy my pita with other yogurt dips like haydari and yogurt salad. In honestly, I think haydari might be my new favorite, but I haven’t yet perfected the home recipe. In the meantime, yogurt salad is a perfectly satisfying replacement.

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Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

I’ve been a bit obsessed with turkey burgers lately. I don’t know if it stems from the fact that I can cook them better than regular burgers (at least in a Brooklyn apartment) or if subconsciously I know it’s healthier. But for the past few month’s I’ve been playing around with new spins on the original turkey burger, like pesto, fresh herb and cheese stuffed. My latest invention? Mediterranean Turkey Burgers!

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Easy Summer Party Dip!

Impress your friends at the next BBQ with some homemade tzatziki! Or just eat it all on your own, like I might do sometimes. But seriously, unless I’m gettingĀ tzatziki from an actual Greek or Mediterranean restaurant, I can never find what I want. The store made ones tend to be on the sweet side (why? no idea…) and have a list of so many additives I can’t even recognize. Once I found out how easy it was to make, I pretty much have it on hand all cucumber season.

Homemade Tzatziki

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