Accidental Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cocktail

Accidental Strawberry Rhubarb Cocktail

The other day while making strawberry rhubarb jam, I had a bit of a problem. A good problem. My strawberries were just too juicy. I’ve been using the same recipe for 3 years now, adapted from Preserving Summer’s Bounty. First macerate the strawberries in honey overnight. Then, mix together strawberries and juices, extra honey, lemon juice and rhubarb. Cook that down and you have jam, right? In this case, very wrong. At the stage that I should have almost reached the jellying stage, I was instead left with somewhat of a strawberry soup. A deep, rich red broth with the occasional strawberry or hunk of rhubarb bobbing up and down.

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A Perfect Holiday Gift to Give (or Keep for Yourself)

Well, there’s not much left to can this time of year. Or I guess the bigger problem is I’m running out of room for everything! There’s only so much a Brooklyn apartment can store (and a Brooklyn couple can eat!). But I can’t completely give up preserving! Instead, I’ve moved from jars to bottles…

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Locavore Challenge Featured Ingredient: Mint

I’m getting a little minted out at this point of the summer. I’ve been getting bunches and bunches from my CSA and feel like I’m drowning in it! I’ve made ice cream, cookies, but mostly drinks. To me, there’s nothing more refreshing than a mojito. The blend of soothing mint and crisp citrus with a little sweetness is perfect. I bought a few bunches of mint last week prior to the dinner party. I had a Polish moment, and thought there wouldn’t be enough food and cupcakes as a dessert might seem a bit sparse. So after seeing how beautiful the mint looked and smelled, I made a last minute decision to add some mint dark chocolate chip cookies to the menu as well. After all, they take about 15 minutes to make, minus the baking time. At this point I practically have the recipe memorized.

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Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Romanesca

Is it cauliflower? Or is it broccoli? How about a combination of both! Romanesca is a hybrid of both. My husband thinks it looks like something grown “under the clouds of Venus.” Personally, I think it looks like something you’d find while snorkeling in some exotic sea. I’m thinking steamed then quick saute with garlic and olive oil.

Spotted this afternoon at the Rexcroft Farm stand (Athens, NY) at the Bensonhurst Greenmarket.

Locavore Challenge: Take 2

csaboxSo I tried the blog thing two years ago and failed miserably. Why? Well, I came to my senses and realized being newly married, having a job with crazy long hours, going to grad school AND maintaining a blog was a bit much. So I had to drop one. Work pays the bills, grad school will hopefully help me pay even more bills (not to mention how far invested I already was with loans), and my husband, well, I should keep him around too. So the blog was the casualty. But now, post-graduation (that’s right, I am a Master), I’m ready to catch the blogging bug again and share my food adventures.

The idea of eating local, sustainable food has become a trend in the last few years, but it’s also being a necessity.  Since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve been intrigued and inspired to become a locavore myself.  Kingsolver and her family pledged to live locally for a year, relying mainly on the produce of their own farm and local products such as meats, dairy and grains.  There were some exceptions–coffee, spices, olive oil–but for the most part they were able to not only survive, but were in no way deprived in their daily meals.

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