Canning Peach Salsa – Take 2

Peach Salsa

I have a confession. A couple of years ago I shared a peach salsa recipe. The original recipe was from Put ‘Em Up, still one of my favorite canning books. But the truth is, that was the only year I made that particular salsa. For the last two years I’ve been making a completely different peach salsa. And hiding it from you. Pretending Put ‘Em Up’s recipe was the best one out there. But no. I’ve found better. Can you forgive me?

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Add a Little Salsa to Your Life — Part II

A continuation of yesterday’s post and my weekend of salsa making. First I made one of the prettiest corn salsas I’ve ever seen! Still hoping to find a cannable corn & black bean salsa recipe (let me know if you have one!) but until then, this one did just fine. To use up the rest of my CSA cilantro I wanted to try something peachy. My favorite part about this recipe? No tomatoes to muddle the peach flavor. The peaches were certainly the star, highlighted by some onion, peppers and spice.

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Add a Little Salsa to Your Life — Part I

We’re talking the dip, not the dance here. My dancing skills may need a lot of help, but I think my salsa dip skills are in pretty good shape. In my CSA bounty last week I got a huge bunch of cilantro. Now I HATE cilantro; it tastes like strange grass to me. But I love salsa! Considering you usually don’t need that much cilantro for most salsa recipes (unless you’re making salsa verde), I predicted a lot of salsa in my weekend plans. A lot of salsa takes a lot of time, so I decided to post as a two part series.

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