Quick Rosemary Tomato Soup

Rosemary Tomato Soup 1

I knew it would be cold this morning. The forecast and chatter in the office prepared me, yet when I woke up this morning and saw 5°F on my phone (with the real feel an unspeakably low number), my stomach still did a little flip. Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit–they’re the cities that are supposed to record such low temperatures, not Brooklyn. I felt like the little boy on A Christmas Story. As I bundled up for the morning commute, I could barely move. There was no chance for a long goodbye with my husband–the number of layers I wore were NOT appropriate for indoors and I was already burning up just walking down the stairs. However as soon as I stepped outside, I immediately wished I had found a way to put on the 15th layer.

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Strawberry Rosemary Ice Cream — Philly Style

Strawberry Rosemary Ice Cream

Summer generally means a few quarts of ice cream. Not all at once of course, throughout the season. I put my ice cream maker bucket in the freezer a few days ago. Unless it’s in use, that’s where it lives all summer, ready to churn at a moment’s notice. A fresh quart of strawberries from the Park Slope CSA pushed me over the edge. As soon as I picked up the small carton, I knew they would soon be turned into ice cream.

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Chocolate Rosemary Sirloin Roast


There are times when you have no idea to cook. You go through your collection of cookbooks (in my case, several dozen books) without coming across even the slightest inspiration. You curse your collection, wonder why you spent so much money on all the wrong books and turn to the internet with even less success. Without even a primary ingredient in your mind, the magic of the internet is virtually useless. You start searching “easy weekday meal” or “healthy dinner for two” but the thousands of results produced by Google only cripple you. You’ve wasted precious time, probably sacrificing your lunch hour or even worse, that time you needed to finish that time sensitive work project. You go back to your hectic life, defeated, and end up ordering pizza for dinner. Again.

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