Foodie Penpals

April Foodie Penpals!


The Lean Green Bean

Happy Foodie Penpal reveal day everyone! Oh wait, you don’t have a foodie penpal? Well, that’s certainly something we need to fix. First I’ll tell you all the wonderful goods I got from my penpal and make you green with envy. Then I’ll hook you up with the details, introduce you to Lindsay, the founder, at the Lean Green Bean and tell you how to get your very own foodie penpal. Good deal? Well here we go…

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Foodie Penpals

March Foodie Penpal Reveal!


The Lean Green Bean

I know, the last day of March came and went, and you spent all day on the edge of your seat continuously refreshing my blog to see what awesome goodies I got from my foodie penpal this month. Sorry to make you wait an extra day, but Lindsay over at Lean Green Bean who runs Foodie Penpals made a great point–people read blogs more on weekdays, usually from their work computer (don’t tsk, you do it too!), so a Monday posting is better than a Sunday posting. Plus it was Easter. While I love all of my readers very much, if you celebrate Easter, you should be spending time with family, not spending the day on your computer or smartphone! Okay, okay, without further ranting, let’s get to the goods!

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Recipes, Snacks & Condiments

The Best Part of Pumpkins

Admit it, you say you love pumpkins, but you’re really in it for the seeds. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years. Yes it’s fun, but they rot so quickly. There goes a perfectly good pumpkin that could have been turned into soup or bread or muffins. I love food too much to waste any of it. So instead I keep my one (sometimes two or three) out and un-carved for the Halloween season. After I cut them in half, roast and puree the flesh, just like I do Butternut Squash.

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