My Blogoversary Gift? A Working Index!


One year. Well, one year plus two years of procrastination. I originally launched Brooklyn Locavore in the summer of 2010–just after I moved into a new position at work, on top of also getting my Master’s in Communication and becoming a newlywed (I might have written my first post on our honeymoon). It lasted about a month until I finally admitted I had no time or idea what I was doing. My schedule was overflowing and something needed to go. Not the job, that brought in money to cook all these fantastic foods. Or the Master’s degree, that was my escape from the real world and something I really enjoyed. And my husband? Well he’s pretty fun to keep around. So the blog became a casualty that I vowed to pick up once my life became a little less hectic. Last May I finished my Master’s degree (yay me!) and suddenly had a ton of extra time. It was time to blog again.

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The Twelve Recipes of Christmas

Photo Credit: Vintages of Los Gatos
Photo Credit: Vintages of Los Gatos

I used to always get confused as to whether the twelve days of Christmas started on Christmas Day or ended on Christmas Day. Apparently it starts Christmas day and goes through the evening of Janauary 5th, the night before the Feast of the Three Kings (and the day I’m supposed to get rid of my Christmas tree), or so my spotty Catholic roots tell me. It makes sense, I guess, but isn’t it more fun to count down to Christmas rather than celebrate after? Isn’t this why we have our Advent calendars that yield a yummy piece of chocolate every night (or every other night if you were forced to share with your younger sibling…). So here’s my plan to reinvent the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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My Adventures in Fruit Butter: Apple Butter

After seeing how easy Cranberry Butter was to make, I was ready for apple butter. Apple butter is basically apple sauce, cooked down until its thick and spreadable. One method of cooking it down is using a dutch oven, on the stove over very low heat for a couple of hours. And I mean very low heat, plus frequent stirring if you don’t want it to burn. Did I also mention the apples bubble a lot and pop, throwing scalding apple goo onto you and causing painful burns (I have the scars to prove it). So much work! Then I learned about the crockpot method.

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