Layered Summer Squash Quiche

Layered Summer Squash Quiche

Again with the summer squash. I never knew it was possible to eat so much zucchini, and still enjoy it. Thanks to one impulse purchase at the greenmarket plus three generous weeks with the Park Slope CSA, I can’t seem to eat the stuff fast enough. Quiches and stews or sautes seem to be my go to for using veggies fast. A combination of veggies and greens cooked down for maximum taste and nutrition. But with so much squash, I decided it was time to take on a single flavor CSA dish.

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Eggs for Dinner

I love eggs, so much that I’d prefer them to be center of every meal. Especially farm fresh, pastured eggs. I’m sure I’ve ranted about them before, but I swear there’s nothing better. Perfect yellow-orange yolks that stay intact until disturbed with a fork or whisk. You could probably even play a nice game of catch with them, but I’d test it outside, just in case.

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