Asparagus Fit for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Asparagus with Poached Egg (2)

Grilled asparagus topped with a poached egg and well seasoned

I contradict myself all the time. I say food should be simple and easy, but then I spend three days cooking a single recipe. I guess what I really should be saying is food should look simple and effortless. There is nothing better than a just picked strawberry, still warm from the sun or a delicate bunch of baby lettuce you’re afraid you might crush by just holding it or a crisp asparagus stalk. But sometimes food does take a while to prepare, even if the end result doesn’t mirror the work. A less tender cut of meat braised for hours can taste just as rich and buttery as a simple grilled medallion of Filet Mignon. A rich tomato sauce or delicate broth needs to be simmered and reduced for hours to achieve layers and depth. My cooking style reflects the integrity of the ingredients, allowing them to shine through. Some meals take minutes while others take days. Luckily, this recipe is on the minutes side.

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Do You Like Your Risotto Poached or Sunny Side Up?

I had the best intentions of cooking fish last night. I had to run some errands in the city and would be right by Whole Foods so would be able to pick some up. But like always the day got away from me and afternoon became evening and I knew my plans were foiled. I had some beautiful leeks in the fridge and instantly thought of risotto. But with not much else in the kitchen, I needed some inspiration. I googled “leek risotto” and came across Bon Appetit’s amazing recipe for Bacon and Leek Risotto with Poached Egg. I was immediately in love.

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