Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Hawaii Sunset

I’ve traditionally been a failure at having my camera out at opportune moments. Too many events have passed where I think back and say “oh, I wish I had more photos of that”. Part of the problem is I myself am not super photogenic, a trait that showed itself too well in our wedding photos. So most often when I do have my camera around it captures objects–food, plants, landscape–rather than people. My quantity (not sure of quality) of photo taking has improved since receiving my iPhone for Christmas. It certainly takes better pictures than my point and shoot, though with all the food photography I’ve taken this past year, I dream of the day I can own a real camera.

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

A good quality sea or in this case lake salt
A good quality sea or in this case lake salt

This week’s photo challenge asks us to look at companionship. When I think of companionship, the first thought that comes to my mind is my wonderful husband, Sean. Irritatingly optimistic, he sees the good in everything and everyone. There’s always a bright side and things have a way of working themselves out. Ironically, a lesson I taught him years ago, but I’ve never been good at taking my own advice. He is my number one supporter and does everything in (and often tries beyond) his power to make me happy, no matter how out there my plans may be (“Picking bucket-loads of dandelions in the park and turning it into wine is a fantastic idea! You’ll see…”). And while on more than one occasion I’d rather sit there and wallow in self-pity, he’ll find a positive angle and somehow extract a smile.


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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Curvy Garlic Scapes
Curly Garlic Scapes

Even before I became a food blogger, my thoughts were always on food. After savoring each bite of a hearty breakfast, no matter how delicious it was, my thoughts would immediately turn to my next meal. What’s for lunch? What should I serve at that dinner party two months from now? What was in that sauce? So naturally my camera is drawn to the beautiful bites too. We eat with our eyes, just as much as we do with our mouths. Beautiful food just tastes better.

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