Peas Please!

You know when someone makes a sassy comment about you and you stand there awkwardly and blurted out some lame response? Then half hour later, while on your way home, you think of the PERFECT comeback, but your enemy is no where in site. Yeah, that’s kind of how I cook sometimes. I get super excited when spring turns to summer and there’s so much yummy FRESH produce at the farmer’s markets–I almost don’t know what to do with myself. So I buy things–kale, mustard greens, various squashes, rhubarb–and when I get home experience total cooking-block and can’t think of anything creative to make! That’s what happened with the peas.

Last year, I discovered fresh peas at Fort Greene Greenmarket for the first time. Now I know where peas come from and how they grow, but for some reason I had never seen them fresh before, only frozen, canned or dried. Kind of like chamomile, I’ve seen it dried and love it in tea, but never seen it fresh–except for THIS WEEK in my Tribeca CSA share, but that’s for another day. Anyway, back to the peas… After my new discovery of fresh peas, I was super eager for them to arrive at the market this year. I waited, and waited, and then one week as I did my weekly visit to the City Hall Greenmarket, there they were. Then again at Fort Greene, and again at Grand Army. Fresh peas everywhere! So I bought them on a few occasions, brought them home, and was stumped. What they heck do you do with peas?

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