On the First Day of Christmas Recipes: Let’s Have a Cocktail


Photo from Marie Claire

Last week I promised you Twelve Days of Christmas Recipes. And damn it, I don’t go back on my word! But sometimes I have these wonderful ideas and then when I try to execute them, I realize how big I dream. I’m not going to give you a Partridge and Pear recipe. Given, this is probably the easiest day to follow the song. I don’t really know how I would give you a recipe for Twelve Drummers or Eleven Pipers unless we just stuck with butter cookies cut into shapes. So instead, I’m going to share with you the twelve types of things I think are essential for a perfect Christmas, finishing off with my ideal Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus. How does that sound? All on the same page here? Good.

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Locavore Challenge Featured Ingredient: Mint

I’m getting a little minted out at this point of the summer. I’ve been getting bunches and bunches from my CSA and feel like I’m drowning in it! I’ve made ice cream, cookies, but mostly drinks. To me, there’s nothing more refreshing than a mojito. The blend of soothing mint and crisp citrus with a little sweetness is perfect. I bought a few bunches of mint last week prior to the dinner party. I had a Polish moment, and thought there wouldn’t be enough food and cupcakes as a dessert might seem a bit sparse. So after seeing how beautiful the mint looked and smelled, I made a last minute decision to add some mint dark chocolate chip cookies to the menu as well. After all, they take about 15 minutes to make, minus the baking time. At this point I practically have the recipe memorized.

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