Chocolate Rosemary Sirloin Roast


There are times when you have no idea to cook. You go through your collection of cookbooks (in my case, several dozen books) without coming across even the slightest inspiration. You curse your collection, wonder why you spent so much money on all the wrong books and turn to the internet with even less success. Without even a primary ingredient in your mind, the magic of the internet is virtually useless. You start searching “easy weekday meal” or “healthy dinner for two” but the thousands of results produced by Google only cripple you. You’ve wasted precious time, probably sacrificing your lunch hour or even worse, that time you needed to finish that time sensitive work project. You go back to your hectic life, defeated, and end up ordering pizza for dinner. Again.

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Brooklyn Locavore Must Have: Grillpan

Happy Labor Day everyone! A time to enjoy the last barbeque of the summer with family and friends. NOFA-NY’s Locavore Challenge for today is “grill local meats and veggies”. Seems simple enough? Not so much in Brooklyn. Living in an apartment in Brooklyn, you have to make sacrifices. A door to door commute, but no backyard. Free heat, but no central AC. World class restaurants steps from your apartment, but lack of kitchen basics like a grill, But you make due. A few years ago, my mother in law got me a grill pan for Christmas. I might have asked for one, I really don’t remember, but now I can’t imagine living without one. If you live in a city and don’t have one, GO GET ONE NOW! I swear it will change your culinary life.

No longer do I need to envy those with a big shiny grill in their backyard or deck. Meet my grillpan!

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