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Maple-Olive Oil Granola

Maple Olive Oil Granola

The cooler weather has had me thinking about fall. Whether we want to admit it or not, August is almost a third of the way through and Labor Day is just around the corner. I like the summer, minus the July heat wave, but fall has always been my favorite season. Produce is at its peak, leaves change, and just enough chill enters the air. Too warm for a winter coat, but just perfect enough for a brightly colored scarf or light blanket. To me, fall is the perfect time for a stroll or hike in the woods, apple picking, or a long train ride to take in the foliage.

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My Adventures in Fruit Butter: Cranberry Butter

I’ve made a lot of jams and preserves, this year especially, but never attempted butter. When my friend came over a few weeks back with her homemade apple and peach butters, I was jealous and inspired all at once. I figured apple butter was a natural choice, considering the 75lbs of apples I picked, but after looking at the time commitment, I figured, let’s start easy. I’ve already talked shouted about my love for cranberries, so after finding a nice quick recipe, I figured why not?

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October Unprocessed: Granola

I love granola–a bit over plain yogurt, drizzled with honey, or even by the handful. My husband on the other hand eats it like cereal, by the bowlful. I’ve encouraged granola like cereals, but apparently not the same. Sorry, but granola isn’t exactly cheap and the cup rather than quarter cup makes us run through it pretty quickly. Not to mention eating that much adds a lot of calories, but that’s besides the point. So I decided buying these 2-3 cup bags for $5 was not working for our budget.

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Maple Cranberry Cupcakes

Fall is here with a vengeance and I love it! Especially after our trip to Vermont the other weekend, I feel like everything I make or want to make evokes the flavor of Fall. Rich soups and stews, maple, cranberries, pumpkin, squash, apples. I just can’t get enough.

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Saturday Night Dinner – Get Your Greens On

Unless it’s wintery and cold, I prefer serving salads. You don’t really need to worry about temperatures when serving. And unless you’re doing a grilled salad, they never get cold. Best of all, I could collect a majority of the ingredients during the days leading up to the party and just assemble everything in less than 5 minutes before serving. The theme of the party was summer meets fall. I was excited to find apples and squash peaking their way into the markets but still saw an abundance of greens, heirloom tomatoes and peaches. The dinner moved with the season change, highlighting the corn, peaches and tomatoes in the appetizers then getting heavy into apples and root veggies by the end of the meal.

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