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Brooklyn Locavore Approved: Craftbar

craftbarlogoA few weeks ago, I enjoyed a late night dinner with some out old college friends up for the weekend. The original plan was dinner at Buttermilk Channel, which I STILL embarrassingly enough have not been to. It was a group of 7, so a reservation a week in advance still left us with a 9:30pm seating. Sadly things changed. My friends who planned to stay in Brooklyn were bumped last-minute and moved to Manhattan, as if it was no big deal. Maybe I’m crazy but if you book a specific hotel in Brooklyn, you probably have a reason to do so. After work drinks moved to midtown, as did our dinner reservation. I had been to Craft and Colicchio & Sons before; both offered stunning meals. I had complete confidence in Tom Colicchio’s work so when I found a 10pm dinner reservation at Craftbar (thank you Open Table app!), I snagged it, knowing there would be something there for everyone.

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A Forgotten Saturday

Everyone knows Brooklyn is the best borough, but there are still plenty of cool things to see and learn within the other four boroughs. Yes, even Manhattan can be pretty fascinating if you really look. How did I spend my Saturday afternoon? I braved the heat and embarked on a four hour walking tour of Inwood and Inwood Hill Park with Forgotten New York. Now, I know what you’re thinking, a walking tour? How lame is it for a New Yorker to play tourist and participate in a tour of their own city? Well if you’re on one of those double decker buses that floods every corner of Manhattan and Brooklyn now too, yeah, you’re a bit lame. But Forgotten New York is totally different.

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