August Foodie Penpal Reveal

The Lean Green Bean

Generally I love writing my foodie penpal reveals, but this one’s a bit bittersweet. It’s a harsh reminder that August is over and summer’s coming to a close. This summer was far more stressful, yet productive, as compared to last year. Free time was limited and while I didn’t put up as much as I would have liked (yet…), it’s an improvement over last year’s “too much canning, what do I do with all of this?” panic. While I mourn summer’s close, I welcome fall’s beginnings. The air has been light with a slight crispness at night, signalling cooler weather is not far away.

Fall is my favorite season. It signals apple picking, soup worthy evenings, brilliantly colored leaves and of course, my birthday. Though as wonderful as it is, part of me always has a sour feeling in my gut, knowing that winter lurks nearby. Spring and fall. If I could design a climate with low humidity, convenient rainfalls, flurries, not blizzards and temperatures between 45-80 degrees year round, the world would be perfect. Oh well. Enough lamenting about the weather. You’re here for the reveal.

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