March Foodie Penpal Reveal!


The Lean Green Bean

I know, the last day of March came and went, and you spent all day on the edge of your seat continuously refreshing my blog to see what awesome goodies I got from my foodie penpal this month. Sorry to make you wait an extra day, but Lindsay over at Lean Green Bean who runs Foodie Penpals made a great point–people read blogs more on weekdays, usually from their work computer (don’t tsk, you do it too!), so a Monday posting is better than a Sunday posting. Plus it was Easter. While I love all of my readers very much, if you celebrate Easter, you should be spending time with family, not spending the day on your computer or smartphone! Okay, okay, without further ranting, let’s get to the goods!

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CSA Struggles

This Week’s CSA Bounty

If you’ve ever participated in a CSA, I’m sure you’ve used the word “struggle” to identify the program at least once or twice. This is my second time participating in a CSA. My first one was the Yellow Hook CSA in Bay Ridge. A 5 minute walk from my apartment, the location was perfect! I was so excited by the bounty of fruits and veggies I was promised. Little did I realize that “veggies” really equated leafy greens. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bunch of kale or bok choy, but getting 3-4 varieties of greens every week was too much for a family of two to handle. Pickups were on Thursdays and we often went away on weekends (or at least cooked less), so we’d struggle on Thursday and Friday night to consume as may green as possible only to end up having the rest wilt and end up in the trash or compost pile. I took the 2011 season off, but when a coworker suggested the Tribeca CSA, down the street from my office, I felt I was ready to take on the challenge again.

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