The Tomato Workout

Twenty five pounds of tomatoes–you REALLY feel those last 5lbs when you carry them long distance…

I remember when I first started canning, almost exactly two years ago. I started with Peach Salsa and Salsa Verde. MANY hours later, I remember being super excited to have canned my own goods, but also frustrated, tired and defeated. Nearly a full day for a little over half a dozen jars. I’m NEVER doing this again, I thought. Then I canned some jam a few weeks later, some applesauce after that, and it kept getting easier. I mean, last week, I came home around 6pm with jalapenos I had no idea what to do with, pickled them and was relaxing with (homemade!) dinner by 8:30pm. It’s an easy evening task, or a few hours on a weekend afternoon. No big deal. That is, until I tried to tackle tomatoes for the first time.

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Pizza Anyone?

Fresh mozzarella, homemade sauce and heirloom tomatoes. Yeah, you’re jealous.

I don’t know what it is, but Friday nights are pretty synonymous with Pizza for me. I’m all about going out on Saturdays but after a long day and week of work, I would much rather spend my Friday nights in my pajamas, on the couch, with a movie and some pizza. Living in Brooklyn, I’m pretty lucky to have great pizza. Pretty much every place you stop at claims to have the best pizza in New York City. Take out pizza is great, but it’s also really easy to make it yourself too!

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