Harvest Fest is in the Air

I know, it’s been a while (well, a few days) since I’ve posted, but this weekend has been busy, busy busy. I LOVE Fall. With such beautiful crisp weather outside, do you really expect me to be sitting inside blogging? The weekend started with one of my favorite events of the year: Stone Barns Harvest Festival in Pocantico Hills, NY! Adult and kiddie events all thrown together with Stone Barn’s regular Saturday Farmers Market plus some awesome food vendors like Irving Farms Coffee, Balthazar Bakery and Kelso Brewery!

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Local Coffee–in Brooklyn?

The New York Locavore Challenge ingredient of the day is Locally Roasted Coffee. I had some trouble choosing my 5 non-local ingredients for the challenge (which in all honesty varied a bit week to week), but coffee was one I had some gripes with. Obviously there aren’t any coffee trees here in Brooklyn (shame…), but there are a number of local coffee roasters. So is it a local ingredient? It’s kind of like supporting a local bakery. All of their grains might not be sourced locally, but it’s much better to buy their bread than the mass produced supermarket brands. Or when I get my salsa from the Brooklyn Salsa company. I know all their ingredients aren’t local, but it’s better than buying from a national manufacturer.

There’s a lot of loop holes, per se, in localism. When I eat at a local mom and pop restaurant, I know not all of their ingredients are sourced locally, but I’d rather eat there than a larger food chain. At least the revenue stays locally in the community. So in short, yes, I consider my coffee local. If I were able to bring some Kona beans home from Hawaii on my own, that would be even better, but I still have another 3 years before I go back there (I might start a daily countdown soon…).

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