August Guest Foodie Penpal Blogger

FoodiePenpal August2013 Guest

This month I was assigned to send to a reader, Jayme from Tennessee. Jayme is super sweet and very involved with children. She is the children’s minister at her church and participates in the local Big Sister’s program. I give Jayme so much credit and admire the work she does. I’ve spent a lot of time in children’s media and education, because it’s something I believe in but know I don’t have the strength or patience to work with children directly. So I do what I can in my own way.

Since Jayme doesn’t have a blog, she agreed to do a guest post for my blog. I’m always a bit disappointed when I get a reader as a penpal. Nothing against them, but I really like reading about everyone’s packages and especially want to make sure what I sent was good enough! I’m always on pins and needles wondering–did she really like it?? So when a reader like Jayme agrees to do a guest post I’m super excited because I still get that reading experience. Plus, I get to cheat a little by reading it before the reveal day. Of course, if it wasn’t all smiles and praises, I could just rewrite it…just kidding! Take it Jayme!

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June Foodie Penpal Take 2 — Guest Blogger!


This month I was assigned to send to another reader, Christine from California. I knew right away I’d love Christine. She has her own little pastry biz going, works part-time at the Humane Society and in her spare time (not sure where she finds it!) is very involved in pitbull rescue advocacy. Then she started telling me about the other penpal program she participates in–a baking group! (Hmm, which I never did get those details on how to sign up. Christine…?)

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A New Voice on Foodie Penpals

The Lean Green Bean

I’ve been participating in Foodie Penpals for almost a year now.Every month I get super excited–waiting for the package, opening the package, eating what the package contains. It’s always something great to look forward to! Well, except for this month. I got a dud. My sender emailed right away, what seemed like minutes after Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean sent out the pairings. He was enthusiastic and excited. I told him about myself, what kind of food I liked, my address and waited. And waited. Nothing. Zilch. Radio silence. That was the last I heard of him. I tried emailing a few times, without response. Hopefully everything’s okay on his end. No Foodie Penpal box for me this month. BUT! At the very same time I was waiting for my nonexistent package, I was preparing to send a package to my penpal, Jessica. And even before I learned I wasn’t getting a package this month, Jessica agreed to write my first ever guest post because she didn’t have an active blog. No package for me, but still a great post to read!

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