I Only Used to Eat Raw Fish

I’m super picky about fish. In fact I never even liked the stuff until I was in college. As a child I had fish sticks and flounder (usually frozen) that my mom would force down my throat. In college, in order to introduce me to sushi, he literally shoved a piece into my mouth when I wasn’t paying attention. It was pretty good, really good actually. So for a while, I only ate raw fish, still nothing cooked.

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Locavore Challenge #20: Join a Food Coop or Winter CSA

Food Coops and CSAs are great. They’re an easy way to guarantee LOCAL farm fresh produce. With a CSA get to know the farm, often the farmer. You can visit. It’s like your very own farm, because you actually “own” a piece of it. With coops, you own a store, with maybe a few hundred or a few thousand other members. You get a say in what’s stocked and how the store is run. Plus, by buying in bulk, you save.

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New York Locavore Challenge–Day 1

Just a reminder, it’s September and DAY 1 of the NY Locavore Challenge. The Locavore Challenge, hosted by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY) encourages you to live on a diet of foods grown or raised no more than 250 miles from your home. Are you up for the challenge? It’s okay if you’re not, you can take baby steps, one day at a time. NOFA-NY has set up 30 challenges for the month of September, to support your journey of local food. Challenge 1: Register for the Locavore Challenge! Check! Challenge 2 for tomorrow: make a locavore shopping list (and go further by fulfilling that list at your local greenmarket).

Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Apples

Whether you’re ready or not, fall is just around the corner. Recently spotted at the Union Square Greenmarket–fresh crops of apples! I know you can get apples year round, but I’m sorry, a winter, cellared apple has nothing on one fresh off the tree. Macintosh, Gingergolds and Empress among others are being spotted everywhere in the markets. These were spotted at Samascott Orchards stand, every Friday at Union Square. Or visit your local greenmarket and check out their apple selection. Fresh crops are HERE!

The Tomato Workout

Twenty five pounds of tomatoes–you REALLY feel those last 5lbs when you carry them long distance…

I remember when I first started canning, almost exactly two years ago. I started with Peach Salsa and Salsa Verde. MANY hours later, I remember being super excited to have canned my own goods, but also frustrated, tired and defeated. Nearly a full day for a little over half a dozen jars. I’m NEVER doing this again, I thought. Then I canned some jam a few weeks later, some applesauce after that, and it kept getting easier. I mean, last week, I came home around 6pm with jalapenos I had no idea what to do with, pickled them and was relaxing with (homemade!) dinner by 8:30pm. It’s an easy evening task, or a few hours on a weekend afternoon. No big deal. That is, until I tried to tackle tomatoes for the first time.

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