Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Apples

Whether you’re ready or not, fall is just around the corner. Recently spotted at the Union Square Greenmarket–fresh crops of apples! I know you can get apples year round, but I’m sorry, a winter, cellared apple has nothing on one fresh off the tree. Macintosh, Gingergolds and Empress among others are being spotted everywhere in the markets. These were spotted at Samascott Orchards stand, every Friday at Union Square. Or visit your local greenmarket and check out their apple selection. Fresh crops are HERE!

Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Heirloom Tomatoes

Each year I wait anxiously until the heirloom tomatoes arrive at Fort Greene’s Greenmarket. They’re just stunning. Every shade of red, green, pink, purple, yellow…it’s like a rainbow of tomatoes. To be honest, this is one of the few items I buy consistently, and I don’t even know what farm they come from! I’m so in awe of the colors and the stand gets so crowded that I forget to ask. But trust me, this time of year, at the corner of Washington and Dekalb, you can’t miss them!

BONUS: They’re also selling bushels of canning tomatoes–round for $12 and plum for $15. In case you’re looking to can some tomatoes. I got one bushel this week to start, but I WILL be back.

Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Got Peppers?

If you’re in need of peppers, Oak Grove Plantation in Pittstown, NJ is the place to go! From mild grilling peppers to extremely hot serrano peppers (I’m a bit nervous for these ones) and everything in between. Spotted at the Friday Union Square Greenmarket.

Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Romanesca

Is it cauliflower? Or is it broccoli? How about a combination of both! Romanesca is a hybrid of both. My husband thinks it looks like something grown “under the clouds of Venus.” Personally, I think it looks like something you’d find while snorkeling in some exotic sea. I’m thinking steamed then quick saute with garlic and olive oil.

Spotted this afternoon at the Rexcroft Farm stand (Athens, NY) at the Bensonhurst Greenmarket.

Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Radishes

Radishes fromĀ Migliorelli Farm in Dutchess County, NY, just $1 a bunch! Spotted this afternoon at the Union Square Greenmarket.

This is the first of what I hope to be a (semi) regular feature where I share with my local fans peak produce deals I find during my NYC greenmarketing. I might have bought a few (or a lot) more bunches than needed. They were so cheap! But do you know what that means?? PICKLED RADISHES! Stay tuned…