Boozy Cranberries

Hands down, The BEST Thing. Ever. My love for cranberries started when I was a kid. I never liked soda. I hated the way the carbonation tickled my tongue. Even now I’m not big on carbonated beverages. I like beer and a nice glass of sparkling wine or champagne, but I take teeny, tiny sips, until the beverage is almost warm. We’ve figured out when my husband and I are at a bar, it’s usually a 2:1 ratio. For every two beers he has, I might be finishing my first. Today, parents are smart and limit their child’s intake of soda. Families and restaurants often have plenty of non-soda options available like iced tea (sweetened or non), lemonade and fruit juices. But when I was growing up, not liking soda was WEIRD. This is pre Snapple, pre Honest Tea, even before the rise of bottled water. So if I went places, it was often soda, tap water or nothing. Or cranberry juice.

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