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My Signature Meatloaf

Not my prettiest plate but guarantee the flavor is there!

How can you not love meatloaf? One of the most classic comfort food dishes. I mean it’s meat, and stuff, shaped into a loaf. Wait, maybe I’m not selling it right… Okay so the concept isn’t the most appealing but the flavors you can get out of it are pretty amazing. There’s no need to stick with ground beef or traditional meatloaf mix. Step out of the box–turkey, pork only, lamb–go for it! We started making our own meatloaf mix with local pork and veal and grassfed beef. We would get just shy of half a pound of each, then mix it at home. I swear the humanely raised stuff tastes better! But yes, it is expensive, so for financial reasons, we tend to stick with grass fed beef only.

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Cheesy Meatless Monday

I love cheese. And garlic. And wine. But what I love most is a concentrated form of all three, warm and gooey, served with bread. Or maybe apples.


If I could eat fondue every day, I probably would. But I can’t. That whole obesity, heart attack, high cholesterol thing actually does concern me a bit. So I save fondue for days when I need to indulge. Usually this means super sucky days or really good days.

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It’s Called Gravy

I lived in Philly for 6 years–four years in North Philly for college and 2 years in South Philly. South Philly is probably one of the only other places in the world I would leave Brooklyn for. The row houses are super cute and the value is unbelievable. The only downside really is there’s no transit (anywhere) as good as NY and I’d worry we’d need a car again. Living in South Philly, a block away from Pats and Genos (GENOS!) and a few blocks from the Italian Market, I learned a lot. I experienced my first Spice store and saw how much fresh ground spices made a difference, I ate fresh produce, waited for hours to get cheese at Claudios during the holidays, but most importantly learned how to eat pasta–with gravy.

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Purple Pesto Anyone?

Purple basil. It looks more like something that belongs in a rustic floral arrangement than in food. I received a bunch in my Tribeca CSA share this week and wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I also had a sinus infection this week (I know, only me in the middle of summer…) so I wasn’t really able to smell/taste it. Based on a quick Google search, I found it was a bit milder than regular basil with a hint of licorice. To be completely honest, the sinus infection was wearing me down and I felt a bit lazy. My go to recipe for extra basil is pesto. I couldn’t think of any reason not to do the same with purple basil. I decided to go with a sun dried tomato pesto. Purple, red–how could it not look (and taste!) stunning?

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Bruschetta Pork Cutlets

What do you do with extra tomatoes and basil? Make Bruschetta of course! Then it only becomes a matter of how you’re going to finish off all that Bruschetta…

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