Flambéd Rum Peaches

Flambéd Rum Peaches (2)

If you look hard enough there are still just a few peaches left. I almost overlooked them at the Fort Greene Farmer’s Market last week, mistaken them for another variety of apples among the already half a dozen or so other bins. Between canning, crisping and just straight out eating, I feel like I’ve gotten my fill of peaches for the summer. But when the last of a harvest is about to leave you for almost a full year, somehow you find the need to buy just a few more.

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Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Heirloom Tomatoes

Each year I wait anxiously until the heirloom tomatoes arrive at Fort Greene’s Greenmarket. They’re just stunning. Every shade of red, green, pink, purple, yellow…it’s like a rainbow of tomatoes. To be honest, this is one of the few items I buy consistently, and I don’t even know what farm they come from! I’m so in awe of the colors and the stand gets so crowded that I forget to ask. But trust me, this time of year, at the corner of Washington and Dekalb, you can’t miss them!

BONUS: They’re also selling bushels of canning tomatoes–round for $12 and plum for $15. In case you’re looking to can some tomatoes. I got one bushel this week to start, but I WILL be back.