What’s for Thanksgiving: Top 9 Dishes


Thanksgiving is all about family, friends and food. I’ve always been fortunate to be on the guest side of Thanksgiving. It’s daunting to travel to Brooklyn for many and in our current apartment, we simply couldn’t host the crowd. Though I always contribute (testing dessert recipes today!), thus having build quite a collection of fall and Thanksgiving favorites. So in case you’re still in need of the perfect Thanksgiving side or dessert (which I’m sure you’re not because you wrote your menu months ago, right..?), look no further.

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SRC: Dark Chocolate Glazed Macaroons

Dark Chocolate Macaroon

This month has absolutely flown. First we were on vacation in Scotland and Ireland for two weeks. The following two weeks we had back to back weddings, then my birthday (yay!) then family time. Needless to say, I haven’t had nearly as much time in the kitchen or with my blog as I would have liked. The lazy part of me, said it’s okay, just skip a month of the Secret Recipe Club. No one will care… But I would care. The Secret Recipe Club is a wonderful opportunity to explore other blogs. Too often do I find a wonderful recipe on a friend’s blog, thinking I’m going to make that right away! Months go by and the recipe still sits on Pinterest, still to be attempted. But SRC forces me to at least once a month, try something new. This month I was assigned to Heather’s It’s Yummy to My Tummy. Like me, Heather uses the kitchen to escape. There were so many great recipes to try, but again, the time thing.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for EGG CREAM!

Vanilla Egg Cream

I had my first egg cream at 26. Don’t laugh. I didn’t actually even know what it was until probably a few months before that first sip. In fact, I actually thought it involved a real egg. Eww. I mean really, egg cream? How does that at all sound inviting? But one sip at the Lexington Candy Shop and I was in love. I’ve had dozens, maybe over a hundred, always seeking perfection. It was only a few weeks ago that I finally attempted to make my own.

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Ricotta Cheesecake for Two

RicottaCheesecake (1)

My husband’s absolute favorite dessert is ricotta cheesecake. I make it as often as possible for larger events, but it’s not a very practical dessert for two people. Even eating a slice a day, not that we should, for a whole week, I’m still not sure we’d be able to consume the whole thing before it starts to spoil. Then, while browsing through the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, I discovered an amazing fact that would forever change our dessert plans. “A 6-inch cake pan holds nearly exactly half the volume of batter as a more standard 9-inch cake pan.”

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Happy National Cupcake Day!

SweetPotatoCupcake (2)

Today marks National Cupcake Day (like we really need an excuse to eat cupcakes).  I’d like to think I jumped on the cupcake wagon before there even was one. There’s just something about their individuality that I love. No need to commit to a single cake flavor and please a crowd—a dozen assorted cupcakes means there’s something for everyone (except maybe those extra picky eaters). And you’re never required to share. Even if you get a monster cupcake from someplace like Crumbs, it’s an unsaid rule—one cupcake feeds one person. It might be the size of three slices of cake, but it’s a “single serving”, so you don’t feel as bad.

Cupcakes like most comfort foods have a way of making you feel better, or worse, or however you’re looking to feel. It might have something to do with the full pound of butter and sugar enough to fill a bath tub, or it could just be that these small individual cakes have the ability to take on their own personalities. So today, (or any day, really) treat yourself to a cupcake that fits how you’re feeling.

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