Taking the Weekend Off – Have a Beer!

Photo by Michaela Brody

So Brooklyn Locavore is taking the weekend off. My sister in law, Michaela, is getting married on Saturday so I’m headed back to my hometown in Jersey for the wedding. That’s right, I’m originally from New Jersey (we won’t spread that around) but I’m proud to say I’ve spent my entire adult life as a city girl, first in Philly and now in Brooklyn.

No blogs for the weekend! There will be lots of eating and drinking and celebrating. But speaking of drinking, one thing I’m really looking forward to at the wedding (besides the marriage celebration itself, of course), is the drink selection which will include beer from the Defiant Brewing Company. Defiant’s located in Pearl River, NY and consistently brews some of my favorite beers. In fact, at our wedding two years ago (wow, time flies!) we had a local theme, sourcing seasonal local food and serving only wine from NY and beer from Defiant.

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