Cooking Basics: Homemade Croutons

Croutons (1)

Homemade Croutons. So easy. So delicious.

I’m not usually one to judge, but sometimes there are recipes SO EASY that people don’t even think to try. It drives me crazy! So today, I’m going to be a bit judgy. If you’ve never made your own croutons, and don’t do so regularly, well, I might think a little less of you. And if you don’t try them after I go ahead and show you step by step how easy they are to make and take practically NO TIME out of your normal dinner preparation time, well, then you’ll just make me sad. Nothing’s worse than a sad locavore, burying herself in pint after pint of local Blue Marble Ice Cream. You don’t want to be responsible for that, do you? So please, just try it once.

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My Favorite Use for Day Old Bread

I actually can’t remember if I’ve ever bought Wonder Bread. And I probably purchased my last loaf of store packaged bread several years ago. Our bread is fresh baked, from Whole Foods, local bakeries, Bread Alone or one of the other many bakers that sells at the NYC Greenmarkets. It’s great because we get a better selection than white, wheat, rye. We get whole wheat sourdough, rye with caraway seeds, peasant breads and crusty soft baguettes. On the flip side, we don’t keep bread in our home 24/7 like a lot of families just because we can’t eat it fast enough before it spoils. Sliced bread is still good 3-4 days later, but baguettes start hardening the next day. So I turn that day old bread into tasty treats, like homemade breadcrumbs, croutons, and my favorite–French Toast.

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