5 Super Bowl Recipe Fixes

Crockpot Chicken Wings

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can count the number of super bowls I’ve watched on one hand. I hate football with a passion. During high school I was part of my school’s color guard. We were pretty good. Ramsey High School was much better known for Big Blue, its band and guard, than it was for any of its sports team. We competed on weekends all over the northeast, but Saturday mornings were our dress rehearsals, halftime at the high school football games. For four years I was forced to watch football. As soon as I could escape I did.

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Your Perfect St. Patricks Day Menu


I don’t have an ounce of Irish blood in me. But does that really matter? I don’t have any Mexican blood in me but I enjoy cooking for Cinco de Mayo just as well. Holidays create themes around food. Menus and routines you learn to look forward to each year. Easter means brunch at my mom’s house. Thanksgiving is a double meal, a new traditional but always consistent menu at my aunt & uncle’s house followed by a more classic menu with variety year over year. And St. Patrick’s Day means chocolate, booze and an unneeded reason to roast cabbage.

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Crockpot Pulled Apple Chicken Sliders

Apple Chicken Slider

This is a recipe I made some time ago, hence the bright delicious side of corn. But just because it has a summer side, doesn’t mean it can’t be an all season recipe. Crockpots are something you know I’m obsessed with. Combine that with my love for BBQ anything and my recent discovery of how easy slaw is to make and the result is a no fuss chicken slider dish. The addition of apples to contrast the traditional sweetness of a regular barbecue sauce balances things out well. My only regret? That I just rediscovered this recipe now, a few months since it’s creation, and haven’t made it since. Hmm…I wonder what dinner tomorrow will be?

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High Peaks Crockpot Sausage and Peppers

Crockpot Sausage and Peppers

When we arrived to our cozy cottage in Keene, New York, right smack in the center of the Adirondacks High Peaks, I found myself at a loss of words. The silence was not from the sheer beauty of the place (it was plain, but cute and cozy, serving our hiking needs perfectly) but due to the size of the kitchen. I never really thought of myself as a kitchen snob, but somehow in that moment, knowing I’d be here for a week, it all became clear. I guess you can say I have certain standards. I would gladly trade in my queen sized pillow-top bed for a generic branded air mattress every night for the opportunity to cook in a chef’s kitchen daily. It also makes me wonder if my snobbishness has anything to do with our 3-year quest to find a suitable apartment. Maybe just a tiny bit…

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Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Crockpot Chicken Wings

You really can make anything in the crockpot. While I tend to stick mostly to dinner foods but have come across recipes for oatmeal, bread puddings, even cakes! Personally, I’d cook everything in a crockpot if I could, but I do understand not everyone is as into the idea. One woman said her kids referred to it as “mushy food”. If you want the sharp snap of a carrot that goes along with vegetable stir-fry, a crockpot may not be your best friend. But for warm, comforting stew or chili, or a faster, easy way to make BBQ Brisket or Pulled Pork, welcome to my little corner of the kitchen.

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