On the Eighth Day of Christmas Recipes: Christmas Pies


Ever notice how sweet focused Christmas is? Really all holidays I guess. Christmas cookies and cupcakes and cakes and pies and hot chocolate and eggnog…the list goes on! Sure there’s some savory dishes that become favorites like turkey and ham but for the most part when you go to a party or an event, the dessert is the highlight. Just think how much time and effort (and money) brides put into coming up with the perfect wedding cake. It’s a centerpiece of the whole day. For Christmas desserts, I think of cookies first, but pies…mmmm, pies are a very close second.

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On the Sixth Day of Christmas Recipes: Festive Breakfast Time


Regardless of whether it’s an elaborate three course brunch or a quick breakfast after tearing open what Santa brought, almost everyone enjoys having Christmas morning breakfast as a family. When I was really young, my brother and I used to get up at the crack of dawn, pull everything out of our stockings, then place it exactly back how it was so no one would ever know. Then we tackled the wrapped presents, inspecting and shaking to try and figure out what was inside. When my parents FINALLY woke up (it felt like hours later…) presents always came before breakfast. After we exhausted the present opening and got bored with out new toys, my mom would usually make us all Eggs Benedict or Pancakes.

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Boozy Cranberries

Hands down, The BEST Thing. Ever. My love for cranberries started when I was a kid. I never liked soda. I hated the way the carbonation tickled my tongue. Even now I’m not big on carbonated beverages. I like beer and a nice glass of sparkling wine or champagne, but I take teeny, tiny sips, until the beverage is almost warm. We’ve figured out when my husband and I are at a bar, it’s usually a 2:1 ratio. For every two beers he has, I might be finishing my first. Today, parents are smart and limit their child’s intake of soda. Families and restaurants often have plenty of non-soda options available like iced tea (sweetened or non), lemonade and fruit juices. But when I was growing up, not liking soda was WEIRD. This is pre Snapple, pre Honest Tea, even before the rise of bottled water. So if I went places, it was often soda, tap water or nothing. Or cranberry juice.

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