On the First Day of Christmas Recipes: Let’s Have a Cocktail


Photo from Marie Claire

Last week I promised you Twelve Days of Christmas Recipes. And damn it, I don’t go back on my word! But sometimes I have these wonderful ideas and then when I try to execute them, I realize how big I dream. I’m not going to give you a Partridge and Pear recipe. Given, this is probably the easiest day to follow the song. I don’t really know how I would give you a recipe for Twelve Drummers or Eleven Pipers unless we just stuck with butter cookies cut into shapes. So instead, I’m going to share with you the twelve types of things I think are essential for a perfect Christmas, finishing off with my ideal Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menus. How does that sound? All on the same page here? Good.

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A Perfect Holiday Gift to Give (or Keep for Yourself)

Well, there’s not much left to can this time of year. Or I guess the bigger problem is I’m running out of room for everything! There’s only so much a Brooklyn apartment can store (and a Brooklyn couple can eat!). But I can’t completely give up preserving! Instead, I’ve moved from jars to bottles…

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If I Made Thanksgiving

First don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not asking to make Thanksgiving. I am very fortune that my husband’s and my families live close to each other, so we celebrate not just one but TWO Thanksgivings each year. One at 2pm and one around 6pm. Yes, it is a little insane. But over time, we adapt. Small portions, pass on the first dessert, lots of water and easy on the booze early on–all great tips on how to eat two times the calories you’d probably consume in a week 🙂 I also cheat a bit. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually not a huge fan of turkey. Both families have perfected a moist, tender turkey, but still it just doesn’t really appeal. So it’s easy to skip a big part of that.

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My Adventures in Fruit Butter: Cranapple Butter

Cranberry butter? Check. Apple butter? Check. Now let’s combine the two [insert evil laugh here].

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My Adventures in Fruit Butter: Cranberry Butter

I’ve made a lot of jams and preserves, this year especially, but never attempted butter. When my friend came over a few weeks back with her homemade apple and peach butters, I was jealous and inspired all at once. I figured apple butter was a natural choice, considering the 75lbs of apples I picked, but after looking at the time commitment, I figured, let’s start easy. I’ve already talked shouted about my love for cranberries, so after finding a nice quick recipe, I figured why not?

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