The Most Dangerous Recipe in the World

Chocolate Cake in less than 4 Minutes…YES PLEASE!

My mother in law sent this recipe to me a long time ago. I was digging through old emails and happened to come across it and thought I should NEED to share with all of you. It’s not super local focused–there’s no fresh peaches or berries or apples, but you can use local milk, eggs and flour. The focus in chocolate. I don’t consider myself a chocoholic, but sometimes I get a craving and nothing will satisfy but chocolate. And that craving needs to be fixed ASAP. But have no fear, chocolate satisfaction is just 4 minutes away!

It’s not the prettiest dessert in the world, but it will do. All (or most) ingredients should already be in your kitchen, so can me made in a moment’s notice. Now, I’m not at all suggesting you serve this to guests, unless they’re looking for something very, um, “rustic”. This is a YOU ONLY recipe. It’s perfect for a night at home, sitting on the couch. If you’re feeling generous, you can share it with your significant other. Personally, I’d keep it all to myself and make him/her get his own!

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