My Signature Meatloaf

Not my prettiest plate but guarantee the flavor is there!

How can you not love meatloaf? One of the most classic comfort food dishes. I mean it’s meat, and stuff, shaped into a loaf. Wait, maybe I’m not selling it right… Okay so the concept isn’t the most appealing but the flavors you can get out of it are pretty amazing. There’s no need to stick with ground beef or traditional meatloaf mix. Step out of the box–turkey, pork only, lamb–go for it! We started making our own meatloaf mix with local pork and veal and grassfed beef. We would get just shy of half a pound of each, then mix it at home. I swear the humanely raised stuff tastes better! But yes, it is expensive, so for financial reasons, we tend to stick with grass fed beef only.

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