What to do with that Giant Bunch of Cilantro

Homemade Chimichurri Sauce

I hate cilantro. Like really, REALLY HATE the stuff. It tastes very green and grassy, but not necessarily in a good way. I can pick out even the tiniest hint of cilantro added to a dish. My guacamole would never include the stuff and I find myself picking around it when served guacamole at a restaurant. When bunches of cilantro come my way in my CSA shares, I find myself (probably visually) cringing. It’s not their fault that I hate cilantro. They didn’t know. I take the stuff, cram it in my bag only to find myself discarding the wilted bunch a week later. That is until I discovered chimichurri.

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Add a Little Salsa to Your Life — Part II

A continuation of yesterday’s post and my weekend of salsa making. First I made one of the prettiest corn salsas I’ve ever seen! Still hoping to find a cannable corn & black bean salsa recipe (let me know if you have one!) but until then, this one did just fine. To use up the rest of my CSA cilantro I wanted to try something peachy. My favorite part about this recipe? No tomatoes to muddle the peach flavor. The peaches were certainly the star, highlighted by some onion, peppers and spice.

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