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Bourbon Truffles Rolled in Pecans

Bourbon Truffles

I’m one of those people who ogles the truffle collection at a chocolate store. So pretty and delicate, I can stand there for hours. I don’t want to get too many (no matter the quantity, they’ll be gone in less than a day) and need to get the perfect mix. Generally that means a high ratio of dark chocolate with salty or fruit combinations. I’m not sure you’ve been to a truffle counter recently, but they’re not cheap. Anywhere from $1.50 to $5 per piece. So what does the resourceful cook do? Well learn to make truffles herself, of course.

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Foodie Penpals

April Foodie Penpals!


The Lean Green Bean

Happy Foodie Penpal reveal day everyone! Oh wait, you don’t have a foodie penpal? Well, that’s certainly something we need to fix. First I’ll tell you all the wonderful goods I got from my penpal and make you green with envy. Then I’ll hook you up with the details, introduce you to Lindsay, the founder, at the Lean Green Bean and tell you how to get your very own foodie penpal. Good deal? Well here we go…

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Chocolate Rosemary Sirloin Roast


There are times when you have no idea to cook. You go through your collection of cookbooks (in my case, several dozen books) without coming across even the slightest inspiration. You curse your collection, wonder why you spent so much money on all the wrong books and turn to the internet with even less success. Without even a primary ingredient in your mind, the magic of the internet is virtually useless. You start searching “easy weekday meal” or “healthy dinner for two” but the thousands of results produced by Google only cripple you. You’ve wasted precious time, probably sacrificing your lunch hour or even worse, that time you needed to finish that time sensitive work project. You go back to your hectic life, defeated, and end up ordering pizza for dinner. Again.

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Life’s Better with Chocolate

Might not be pretty but certainly delicious!
Might not be pretty but certainly delicious!

No title could ever be more true. Life IS better with chocolate. Lot’s of it. Dark especially. There was a point in my life when any old chocolate would do the trick and dark chocolate was a gourmet treat. But I’d like to think my palate was always pretty advanced. I was probably about 6 when I told my mom those knock off brands of chocolate Easter bunnies weren’t cutting it. I needed Hershey’s or better. Then over time I started to gravitate towards only dark chocolate. For Christmas I got a beautiful bag of Lindt’s milk chocolate truffles that have virtually remained untouched. That’s right, there is two month old chocolate in my apartment–practically unheard of only a few years ago. Milk chocolate is just too mild and sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth but don’t like overly sweet treats. I use only dark chocolate for baking and tend to cut the recipes’ suggested sugar amount by a lot. For me it’s go rich and dark or go home.

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Blueberry White Chocolate Granola

WhiteBlueGranola (5)

My foodie penpal (who’s name I will NOT reveal yet) this month can’t eat any type of chocolate besides white because it gives her horrible headaches. I was both horrified and heart broken when I learned of her misfortune. I’m not a fan of white chocolate at all, so for me a diagnosis like that would pretty much mean a chocolate free life. I don’t wish that fate on even my worst enemy. But surprisingly, my penpal actually LOVES white chocolate, and considering it’s the only type she can have, I felt it was my need duty RESPONSIBILITY to send her something white and chocolatey.

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