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Life’s Better with Chocolate

Might not be pretty but certainly delicious!
Might not be pretty but certainly delicious!

No title could ever be more true. Life IS better with chocolate. Lot’s of it. Dark especially. There was a point in my life when any old chocolate would do the trick and dark chocolate was a gourmet treat. But I’d like to think my palate was always pretty advanced. I was probably about 6 when I told my mom those knock off brands of chocolate Easter bunnies weren’t cutting it. I needed Hershey’s or better. Then over time I started to gravitate towards only dark chocolate. For Christmas I got a beautiful bag of Lindt’s milk chocolate truffles that have virtually remained untouched. That’s right, there is two month old chocolate in my apartment–practically unheard of only a few years ago. Milk chocolate is just too mild and sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth but don’t like overly sweet treats. I use only dark chocolate for baking and tend to cut the recipes’ suggested sugar amount by a lot. For me it’s go rich and dark or go home.

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How to Save a Dying Banana

The sad fate of a forgotten banana in our apartment
The sad fate of a forgotten banana in our apartment

Yes, I realize what you’re thinking. Bananas don’t grow in Brooklyn. So occasionally I slip a bit. I’m not perfect. See I ADMIT it! Bananas are just perfect little breakfast/snack foods. Something I can grab as I’m  running late to work and eat on my walk to the subway. So occasionally I get the craving for a banana and buy a bunch at the Park Slope Food Coop. I prefer my bananas firm and a little on the unripe side, so usually go for the ones that are still a bit green on the outside. I make sure to only purchase 4 or 5 so we eat them in time. But as you can see, sometimes my best intentions fail.

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Foodie Penpals

October Foodie Penpals!

The Lean Green Bean

Wow, what a month. Multiple birthday celebrations, great dinners, canning, recipes then Sandy. Usually I love October and the fall but this month ended with just a bit too much turbulence for me. Sunday night as the winds started blowing and the lights flickered, I wondered if this post would even happen. But luckily here I am, safe and sound.

Foodie Penpals has just become such a fun part of my life. It’s a great program started by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean, where I get to connect with other foodies across the country and share food. I think I might scare my penpals a bit. I’m much too eager when we receive our assignments on the 5th of the month when contacting my new friends. But it’s just so exciting. Sometimes I wonder whether I like the giving or receiving part better.

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The Most Dangerous Recipe in the World

Chocolate Cake in less than 4 Minutes…YES PLEASE!

My mother in law sent this recipe to me a long time ago. I was digging through old emails and happened to come across it and thought I should NEED to share with all of you. It’s not super local focused–there’s no fresh peaches or berries or apples, but you can use local milk, eggs and flour. The focus in chocolate. I don’t consider myself a chocoholic, but sometimes I get a craving and nothing will satisfy but chocolate. And that craving needs to be fixed ASAP. But have no fear, chocolate satisfaction is just 4 minutes away!

It’s not the prettiest dessert in the world, but it will do. All (or most) ingredients should already be in your kitchen, so can me made in a moment’s notice. Now, I’m not at all suggesting you serve this to guests, unless they’re looking for something very, um, “rustic”. This is a YOU ONLY recipe. It’s perfect for a night at home, sitting on the couch. If you’re feeling generous, you can share it with your significant other. Personally, I’d keep it all to myself and make him/her get his own!

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