Spice(less) Cooking

Now I’m a spicy girl. Not necessarily in the hot-spicy way, but I love playing with combinations of spices, discovering new spices and making great food. I probably own more spices than most people. I have a lovely little spice rack, alphabetized, so I can actually find things,  plus I have other spices scattered in various containers on my shelves and in my pantry. PLUS, I might have a few little baggies of spices that just don’t fit anywhere else. So yeah, I have a lot.

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Greenmarket Pick of the Week: Romanesca

Is it cauliflower? Or is it broccoli? How about a combination of both! Romanesca is a hybrid of both. My husband thinks it looks like something grown “under the clouds of Venus.” Personally, I think it looks like something you’d find while snorkeling in some exotic sea. I’m thinking steamed then quick saute with garlic and olive oil.

Spotted this afternoon at the Rexcroft Farm stand (Athens, NY) at the Bensonhurst Greenmarket.