The Danger of Mixing Junk Food and Dessert

PotatoChipCookies (3)

I was a bit sad that my Foodie Penpal this month was a reader so I didn’t really get to read about her reaction to the goods I sent her. Sure, she sent me a very sweet thank you, but it’s just not the same as reading a public thank you full of pictures and happy food consumption. My penpal loved both sweet and salty things and was especially fond of potato chips. She bragged a bit about how she could eat anything because she worked out so much. So I took her bragging as a challenge and decided to make her the most sinful, salty treat I could think of—Potato Chip Cookies.

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On the Third Day of Christmas Recipes: Time for Cookie Making

Spritz (2)

Christmas and cookies are pretty much synonymous. I mean really, can you actually get through the holiday season without Christmas cookies? At least just one… My husband’s family is from Pittsburgh and even though most of the family has since scattered, Pittsburgh is where we go for Christmas to celebrate. It’s kind of like a mini family vacation, but much less stressful. See, we don’t really do anything besides eat, play games and cards and watch TV. So it doesn’t involve that normal family vacation stress where one person wants to do this, the other person wants to do that, and we debate for a day and a half as to which idea is best. Plus there aren’t really any children. His youngest cousin is 10 years old and the others are teenagers, so that probably helps as well.

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