In the Spotlight, On a Foodie High

Hey, that's me!

Hey, that’s me!

The last few days have been pretty cool. Thursday, I was selected as a featured blogger on The SITS Girls. SITS’s is a national blogging community that connects bloggers and provides tips and tutorials on how to make your blog stand out. I stumbled across it a few months back when I was looking for advice on photography, traffic and general WTF am I doing with this blog advice. The immediate result of being a featured blogger is the traffic spike you get to your blog. Literally almost 3x the norm. But more importantly is the connections built.

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Awards from the People that Count!


I took a chance this year. I submitted my blog to Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards competition in March. I knew it was a long shot—there are SO MANY amazing blogs out there and competition is steep. Yet as much as I already knew I probably wouldn’t place among the finalists, I was still a bit bummed when I didn’t see Brooklyn Locavore on the lists. It’s a bit like my current job hunt. I’ve interviewed so many places, and sometimes just walking into the door, I know it’s not the right fit. But still, not getting the job, knowing it would be an awful combination because of either the culture or job description, still hurts a bit.

Yet somehow the blogosphere sensed my gloominess, even though I told no one about the submission except my husband. Only days after the disappointing reality hit that I didn’t make Saveur’s cut (this year…) I was nominated by Salted Plates and Serif and Spice for the Liebster Award and a slew of others. As cool as it might be to be recognized by a large publication and get to put a fancy badge on my site, it’s as good, if not better to be nominated by my peers, people and blogs that I interact with on an almost daily basis. And for that I am incredibly honored and grateful.

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Three Cheers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


I won! “I’d like to thank the academy..” But seriously. Last month I was nominated by one of my blogger inspirations, Food n Thought Peddler, as a recipient of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s such an honor because it’s not something you submit to be included in (yeah, did you know that? Most companies that submit to the “Top 100 Place to Work” or similar are recognized not because they really are so great, but because they took the time and money to submit for the award…moving on…) but it’s from fellow bloggers. And in all honesty, praise from my readers and fellow bloggers are what means the most, not some award from an associate that browsed your material once.

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