Awards from the People that Count!


I took a chance this year. I submitted my blog to Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards competition in March. I knew it was a long shot—there are SO MANY amazing blogs out there and competition is steep. Yet as much as I already knew I probably wouldn’t place among the finalists, I was still a bit bummed when I didn’t see Brooklyn Locavore on the lists. It’s a bit like my current job hunt. I’ve interviewed so many places, and sometimes just walking into the door, I know it’s not the right fit. But still, not getting the job, knowing it would be an awful combination because of either the culture or job description, still hurts a bit.

Yet somehow the blogosphere sensed my gloominess, even though I told no one about the submission except my husband. Only days after the disappointing reality hit that I didn’t make Saveur’s cut (this year…) I was nominated by Salted Plates and Serif and Spice for the Liebster Award and a slew of others. As cool as it might be to be recognized by a large publication and get to put a fancy badge on my site, it’s as good, if not better to be nominated by my peers, people and blogs that I interact with on an almost daily basis. And for that I am incredibly honored and grateful.

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