Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide


Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite chef or baker? Well look no further! Living local isn’t just about local produce and reducing your carbon footprint, it’s also about supporting the local community. If you haven’t noticed, small businesses and artisinal shops are on the rise in Brooklyn. From DIY kits to rooftop salt and adorable kitchen decor, I’ve put together a list of my favorite local finds.

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Buddha Hand Vodka!


So after my first attempt to make Cranberry Vodka went so well, I figured I could just apply the same principle to practically any infused liquor. I mean, really we’re talking liquor, fruit and sometimes a little sugar. Next summer I’m all about the berry vodkas, cherry bourbon..I can just go on and on. But with my Buddha Hand in, er, hand, courtesy of my Foodie Penpal, Andra, I was read to make some citrus vodka.

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A Perfect Holiday Gift to Give (or Keep for Yourself)

Well, there’s not much left to can this time of year. Or I guess the bigger problem is I’m running out of room for everything! There’s only so much a Brooklyn apartment can store (and a Brooklyn couple can eat!). But I can’t completely give up preserving! Instead, I’ve moved from jars to bottles…

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Boozy Cranberries

Hands down, The BEST Thing. Ever. My love for cranberries started when I was a kid. I never liked soda. I hated the way the carbonation tickled my tongue. Even now I’m not big on carbonated beverages. I like beer and a nice glass of sparkling wine or champagne, but I take teeny, tiny sips, until the beverage is almost warm. We’ve figured out when my husband and I are at a bar, it’s usually a 2:1 ratio. For every two beers he has, I might be finishing my first. Today, parents are smart and limit their child’s intake of soda. Families and restaurants often have plenty of non-soda options available like iced tea (sweetened or non), lemonade and fruit juices. But when I was growing up, not liking soda was WEIRD. This is pre Snapple, pre Honest Tea, even before the rise of bottled water. So if I went places, it was often soda, tap water or nothing. Or cranberry juice.

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