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Brooklyn Locavore Approved: Lenz Winery

Photo from Lenz Winery Facebook Page

By now, you know that I love wine. I especially love local wine! So we make a point of visiting NY wineries whenever we can including two trips to the Long Island’s North Fork twice a year. Over the years we’ve probably visited almost every winery (that has tasting rooms) in Long Island, and also sampled wines from smaller vineyards. One often underrated winery that my husband and I have fallen in love with is the Lenz Winery.

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Get Local, Local Drink

Brooklyn Locavore Approved: Brooklyn Winery

If you didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE wine fan, especially local wine. Well, you can’t really get more local than Brooklyn wine can you? Last night I had the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Winery in Williamburg, sample some of their wine and take a tour. A must do for any Brooklyn tourist OR local!

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Taking the Weekend Off – Have a Beer!

Photo by Michaela Brody

So Brooklyn Locavore is taking the weekend off. My sister in law, Michaela, is getting married on Saturday so I’m headed back to my hometown in Jersey for the wedding. That’s right, I’m originally from New Jersey (we won’t spread that around) but I’m proud to say I’ve spent my entire adult life as a city girl, first in Philly and now in Brooklyn.

No blogs for the weekend! There will be lots of eating and drinking and celebrating. But speaking of drinking, one thing I’m really looking forward to at the wedding (besides the marriage celebration itself, of course), is the drink selection which will include beer from the Defiant Brewing Company. Defiant’s located in Pearl River, NY and consistently brews some of my favorite beers. In fact, at our wedding two years ago (wow, time flies!) we had a local theme, sourcing seasonal local food and serving only wine from NY and beer from Defiant.

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Eat Drink Local Week – Rose

Now, it depends how much time I feel like cooking this week, but I hope to at least include some, if not all of the 8 highlighted ingredients in this year’s Eat Drink Local Week. First to check off the list: Rose Wine. Now, you might not know me that well, but I can promise wine is never something I can’t include in my diet. My husband and I have our own Brooklyn “wine cellar”, which is really a section of our walk in pantry closet and an excel document to organize it all. Yeah, I know, we’re kind of nerds. We try to visit NY state wineries a few times a year, especially the North Fork, since it’s so close. It go to the point that we’d bring home so much wine, that we weren’t able to keep track of what was good and what was really good. We’d have take out on a weekday night, pop open a bottle and comment how good it was, before realizing it was a more expensive bottle that we really should have saved for a few years. Thus, our wine archive was born. It’s also helpful in reminding us what wines we REALLY liked and ones that were so so for future trips.

Now I’ve only been going to the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket for a few weeks now (formerly an avid Fort Greene Greenmarket shopper), and was excited to learn Castello di Borghese visits every other Saturday. Perfect for finding a new local rose! Borghese is the North Fork’s oldest winery. I’m a big fan of their Cabernet Franc and Merlot wines, but have never really tried their roses. The one that caught my eye was a 2009 Pinot Noir Rose. Just as promised, it was rich and spicy and held up well for my steak dinner that night. The saleswoman mentioned since it was pure Pinot Noir grapes, it could easily be as delicious served room temperature in the winter or chilled and crisp in the summer. I will certainly become a regular of Borghese’s stand! One local ingredient down, 7 more to go!