2015 Restaurant Bucket List

Telepan Local, a 2014 restaurant favorite! Photo credit: Nadine Anderson

Telepan Local, a 2014 restaurant favorite! Photo credit: Nadine Anderson

I came to a huge Brooklyn realization this year: I don’t go to Williamsburg. It’s not that I dislike Williamsburg–I actually like the neighborhood very much–it’s just so far! Sure, for Manhattanites, it’s a quick ride on the L train. But from Bay Ridge… The fastest way for me to get to Williamsburg is to go through Manhattan. Did you hear that? I have to go to another borough to get to a different part of my own borough. Ridiculous, I know.

So why has this discovery become so apparent now? Well as I sit down to write my 2015 restaurant bucket list, I of course reflect on the 2014 list. No, wait…don’t click that link. It’s embarrassing really. It’s not like I didn’t eat out this year; oh I ate out plenty. But from my bucket list, I only managed a mere 5 of the 10 restaurants. Don’t worry I have excuses.

When I added Toro to the list, I actually had planned on going to the original restaurant in Boston. Possibly better food (aren’t the originals always?) and certainly half the price. We arrived on a chilly Friday evening in March, our regular winter trip for the Extreme Beer Festival. With a no reservations policy, getting there at 6pm had to allow for a decent dinner time, right? Wrong. Apparently you have to arrive 2 hours before the restaurant opens to hope to be seated between 5 and 6pm. When we arrived at 6pm, our dining estimate was at least 9pm. No thank you. Now that I can’t drink beer anymore, I’m not sure when we’ll get to Boston next. I’m still striving for the original Toro, but maybe not in 2015.

I have no excuse for Prospect. Pure laziness I guess. And Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, well given the menu is mainly shellfish, I worry the meal (and expense) will be lost on me. But the other two–Shalom Japan and Bistro Petit (which has been on the list 2 years now)–are in Williamsburg.  I’m actually kind of proud of myself for making it to one Williamsburg outpost, Xixa. So 2015 is all about realistic expectations. Ten restaurants, Brooklyn, Manhattan and beyond–one Williamsburg restaurant allowed.

French Louie | Boerum Hill

James Restaurant | Prospect Heights

Meadowsweet | Williamsburg

Root & Bone | Alphabet City

Semilla | Williamsburg – no longer accomodates GF 😦

Taco Santo | Park Slope

Take Root | Carroll Gardens – will not accommodate GF

The Little Beet Table | Flatiron

Wassail Cider Bar | Lower East Side

Wild | West Village

So here’s my list for the year. Are there any I’m missing? What restaurants are you looking forward to most in the new year?

6 thoughts on “2015 Restaurant Bucket List

    • You’re close to the G train, but yes still a hike. It seems like there’s a ton of new restaurants popping up in your neighborhood though! So hard to keep up with Brooklyn 🙂

  1. I’ve been to North Fork Table & Inn & although it was lovely, we MUCH preferred restaurant the nearby (North Fork) Jedediah Hawkins Inn – beautiful!! I would recommend it if you expand your list! 🙂

  2. 100% recommend Wangs in Park Slope. Except for a picnic table outside and a bench, it’s not really a “sit and eat” kind of place. But, it’s worth the trek via the R train – the Korean style wings and the Southern fried chicken are AMAZING! I’ve personally been intrigued by James and am curious as to what you thought of it. Did you go for brunch or dinner?

    P.S. I feel ya on the getting to Williamsburg thing. When I lived in the West Village, I could get there so quick. Now that I’m in Park Slope, it feels like it’s in another damn state :-/

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