Halloween Snacks and Treats

Happy Halloween (12)

Halloween is quite possibly my favorite holiday. There’s no expectations of giving or getting. Little to no family stress about “which side of the family do we celebrate with this year?” It’s just spooky fall fun. I probably enjoyed it slightly more through my college days, when dressing up was an art form and half-assed costumes were seriously frowned upon. These days, dressing up has become a bit more complicated. We’re adults. Dressing up in the office isn’t always acceptable and if it is, it needs to be appropriate. I’ve already passed up two genius ideas, realizing sitting for eight hours at a desk would be virtually impossible. Option three, while not nearly as creative, should translate well from work to night.

Sadly, another result of real life is less time and opportunity to create cute Halloween treats. As soon as August rolls around my Pinterest feed seems filled with spooky ideas (by actual Halloween, it has well moved on to Christmas…). The past few years has been consumed with grad school, late nights at work or early nights in bed. This year, we’re actually going out for Halloween. No treats to be made, but at least some to be had.

While I won’t be spending the week searching for spooky treats, perhaps you will. In that case, a collection of some of the Halloween snacks and treats I’ve been eying.



Sweet and Salty Marshmallow Popcorn by Two Peas and Their Pod


Jeepers Creepers Oreo Pops by Easybaked

pumpkin swirl brownies

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies by Smitten Kitchen


Monster Halloween Candy Bark by Fork and Beans

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