It’s Lunch Time! Let’s Feed South Africa!

I never wondered where my lunch came from, but now working back with public schools, I’m reminded that such a fear exists. Just last week a school in Utah threw away dozens of children’s lunches because their accounts were delinquent. THREW THEM AWAY! This isn’t just an international problem, it’s global. Thanks, Rachel for reminding us once again of how fortunate we are and that there are always those so far less fortunate.

Rachel's Table

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South Africa is a place close to my heart. While I haven’t traveled there (yet) my father and older brother have spent time there getting to know the culture and the people. They always come back with stunning photos of the landscape and smiling images of the country’s children, like the one above.

When I look at those little faces I am stricken with the thought that nearly 20% of all children in South Africa are orphans, with approximately 1.9 Million of those children orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS. On top of that, 65% of ALL South African children live in poverty. Lunches at school are a huge part of these kids’ development and an incentive to continue their education.

Think about the lunches you ate as a kid: peanut butter and jelly, soup in a thermos, carrot sticks, apple slices, juice boxes, granola bars. I never…

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