2014 Brooklyn Locavore Bucket List

NewYearsEve2014 Brooklyn Locavore Bucket List

I find that I work well within boundaries to a certain extend. When something becomes a chore, like something I have to make or do, it always ends up on the bottom. However, creating a list of fun activities or restaurants has always worked well. On the occasional free weekend when my husband and I have nothing to do, we usually do just that—nothing. We forget about the museum exhibits or parks we want to visit, the hikes or beach trips. Sometimes there seems to be too many options so we feel paralyzed and lazy and just do nothing.

Last year I was a bit ambitious. I made a list of cooking resolutions plus restaurants I intended to get to during the year. Looking back, I ended up crossing off all but 2 restaurants, but struggled a bit with my cooking plans (you can see where my priorities are!). If I didn’t create a list I might have very well gotten around to making cheese or ravioli, but with the list hanging over my head it seemed more forced than fun. The restaurant list was an asset. Any time a special occasion came up or sometimes just a random Tuesday night, we referenced the list for suggestions and found it easy to explore new places rather than end up at the same old spots.

So this year, I vow to do things a bit differently. No list of cooking chores, but I still plan on steadily blogging and cooking and always pushing my boundaries. I hope to make new dishes, experiment with techniques I’ve never tried before and expand my collection of ethic recipes. For restaurants, however, I’ll keep a list. I’m sure there are so many more out there that I’m missing or will visit anyway, but for now, to start 2014, here are the top 10.

Carry Overs from 2013

The Elite Eight

Here’s to a happy new year of good company, good fortune and great food!

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